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Danish speech – English subtitles

Danish speech – English subtitles


The cartridge fires 6mm plastic pellets and uses gas as propellant.

The cartridge is produced and handmade in Denmark. All cartridges are heavily quality controlled, where they are test fired in special test bench and only pass if muzzle velocity of 60-65 m/s and an accuracy of +/- 1cm at 5 meters. The pelles have a impact energy of 0,46 Juole.

The barrel of the cartridge is made of AISI 303 stainless steel, and is precision worked with a tolerance of +/- 0,005 mm. This is done to ensure high accuracy with every shot, and to stand op to wear and tear, even over years of use. The cartridge housing is made of anodized red AW-6082 Aluminum, which gives an attractive and wear resistant surface. All seals and O-rings are made in materials for use with gas and oil, to insure their longevity. When you seals one day need replace you should buy a replacement kit from us. They are easy to change if you have a bit of finger dexterity.



With our recently developed practice shooting range, you can train your Lead, exactly like you would at a shooting range.

With our Pro edition you can also train on falling and rising targets.

Both ranges are easy and quick to set up, so you can practice at home whenever you want.

Our Practice shooting range are likewise quality handmade in Denmark and constructed in stainless steel materials ASIS 304, so it can stand up to wear for years, and not rust.


With our newly developed shooting target, you can check and calibrate if you take aim correctly and if your shotgun is properly adjusted for you.

Danish speech – no subtitles


Weapon Handling, taking aim and the muscle fundamentals of lead can easily be practiced in your own home.

With our training cartridge you can train taking aim, as you can easily see where you hit and therefore ensure that your aim is correct. The point that the pellet from our cartridge hits would be the center shot of a shot-string.

Our cartridge also lets you train the muscle memory required to take correct aim in real life hunting situations.

By using the recommended BB-pellets, practice shooting can take place indoors without damage to furniture and windows. When fundamental training is done, it’s time to go to the shooting range.

By doing fundamental training at home you save time and a lot of money. All the while you also take greater care of the environment.

As we all know, hunting is a result of training before.

So, make your training fun and realistic.


The training cartridge can also be used to Sight In your Shotgun or Combo Weapon.

Many wrongly believe that laser cartridge can be used for this purpose. But it is important to understand that the weapon compensates for the ballistic curve, and laser light does not have a curved path as a pellet from a shotgun would. If you use a laser cartridge for Sighting In of you red point sight you will hit above your target. Instead use our reusable training cartridge, which has a natural curve at 5m, your shots will be more accurate every time.



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